Retrieve Data from Website in Microsoft Access or Excel using VBA

File Download: Microsoft Access/VBA Sample File

A week or so ago a reader asked (on this blog post), if we could place the file online that performs the operation in this blog post (and video).

I’ve included it below as a download.

DOWNLOAD: Access Database Example

The download is a zip file.

  1. Download and extract. Open the “pulse-grab-web-data.accdb” file.
  2. Open the form, “frmRetrieveWebData” in design view
  3. Right mouse click the button and select, “Build Event” to see the code
  4. Set a break point if you want to see the code run line by line
  5. View the form in standard (form) view
  6. Press the “Get Web Data” button
  7. When complete, the “tblWebData” table should open.

Note: as of today (9/7/2016) this code runs. If we change our blog or theme, it is likely this will no longer work. Sorry. 😉

COMING SOON: We’ll have an update on connecting Microsoft Access to Quickbooks..

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  1. Thank you for the demo, I have done this before but needed to demo to work the concept of Screen Scraping (as such), to find a clear and simple demo already bundled was gold.

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