Get Multiple Distances Using the Google Maps API and VBA for Excel or Access includes sample file

Automate Everything I hate manual processes. NOTE: If I get one more email from someone nagging me to finish that Quickbooks SDK Tutorial.. I’m going do it!!!  😉 Recently, a client wanted a market analysis showing how far customers traveled … Continued

Retrieve Data from Website in Microsoft Access or Excel using VBA

File Download: Microsoft Access/VBA Sample File A week or so ago a reader asked (on this blog post), if we could place the file online that performs the operation in this blog post (and video). I’ve included it below as a … Continued

Founder’s blog – why we stopped selling social media

Pulse Founder, Matthew Moran, explains on his blog why we stopped selling social media to focus on database development and high-value information technology services. He also provides some advice on how you can fix your social media.

Connecting Microsoft Access and Quickbooks using the Quickbooks SDK part 1 of 3

Aging Post Note: See Edit below 1/9 I’ve received some well-deserved snarky comments due to my failure to post parts 2 & 3. Okay okay okay! I have heard you loud and clear! Some of you were really funny too. … Continued

Mailmerge without using Microsoft Outlook uses only Excel, VBA, Word, and CDOSys

Summary: Send personalized emails to a list of email addresses and names in Microsoft Excel. Technologies used Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word VBA (Visual-basic for Applications) CDOsys (Collaboration Data Objects for Windows 2000) CDOSys Documentation It’s amazing how poorly documented it … Continued

Custom Reports using Excel and SQL Server from Time Plus payroll software

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Technology   SQL Server Microsoft Excel Time Plus Payroll Software   The Challenge One of our clients needed a custom 401k report. They were manually creating the report using data in canned/available reports. We wrote a custom script to extract … Continued

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