cyber security advice

CYBER SECURITY BASICS – aka: The advice I know you’ll ignore

Summary: I provide a summary of some things you SHOULD do to improve your digital security. I then explain each in a little detail. Then, I admit that most people will ignore the advice. But.. here you go. We want security but not really Most people freak out about things like Facebook privacy settings and […]

Parsing Quickbooks Customer (CustomerRet) Response using XML (DOMDocument)

As I indicated in my Quicbbooks Part 1 of never post, I would post some Microsoft Access and other Quickbooks source code and blog entries, rather than do a more detailed step by step explanation. I hope this is helpful. Quick Explanation You can parse Quickbooks response using a ICustomerRetList – and I may post that […]

VBA Solutions - webpage scripting msxml

VBA solution: Scraping website information using MSXML, HTMLDocument, and getElementsByClassName

Summary An explanation of how to retrieve/scrape website data using MSXML and HTMLDocument but not using the InternetExplorer Application Object. The problem with the InternetExplorer.Application object I have a few blog entries demonstrating how to get web site data using InternetExplorer and the HTMLDocument object. However, there are a few problems with this: Microsoft is […]

Microsoft Access and Excel programming in Los Angeles

Quickbooks SDK iAddCheck using VBA. Add a check from Excel or Access

Someone reading my part 1 of ??? tutorial on Quickbooks – sorry.. read the notes. 😉  – was struggling to find how to add checks. I wrote them this morning about what to look for in the On Screen Reference OSR for the Quickbooks SDK. iCheckAdd Under the Onscreen Reference, there is a iCheckAdd message. […]

Get Multiple Distances Using the Google Maps API and VBA for Excel or Access includes sample file

Automate Everything I hate manual processes. NOTE: If I get one more email from someone nagging me to finish that Quickbooks SDK Tutorial.. I’m going do it!!!  😉 Edit: 7/26/2017 – Okay.. I lied. I cannot get to it per se… but I am posting some code to help with QuickBooks integration from time to […]

Retrieve Data from Website in Microsoft Access or Excel using VBA

File Download: Microsoft Access/VBA Sample File Edit: 7/23/2017 – an improvement to this solution. This will require some refactoring. A week or so ago a reader asked (on this blog post), if we could place the file online that performs the operation in this blog post (and video). I’ve included it below as a download. The […]

Connecting Microsoft Access and Quickbooks using the Quickbooks SDK part 1 of 3

Aging Post Note: I considered taking this down. At this point, I’m not writing the series. I am busy with a myriad of projects – both programming and in other areas (see my music/writing blog). However, I will publish some VBA SDK code as more or less stand-alone blog entries. I’ll categorize them under the […]

Google adds voice to text to Google Docs

Google Drive/Docs = Amazing! First, let me say it again. If you are NOT using Google Drive/Google Docs, you need to start immediately! A few weeks ago I demonstrated how you can use your Android voice-to-text to dictate into a Google Document. That’s great technology for note-taking and even longer documents. Now Google has introduced […]

Mailmerge without using Microsoft Outlook uses only Excel, VBA, Word, and CDOSys

Summary: Send personalized emails to a list of email addresses and names in Microsoft Excel. Technologies used Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word VBA (Visual-basic for Applications) CDOsys (Collaboration Data Objects for Windows 2000) CDOSys Documentation It’s amazing how poorly documented it is.. but this link has some answers. And Dan at Microsoft has several links: […]

Speech to Text for Google Docs using your Android Smart Phone

Mobility, Productivity, and Creativity The other day I was scripting a podcast episode. I’ve used speech to text with Windows 7 in Microsoft Word and it works pretty well. But most of my scripts are collaborative and my team and I use Google Docs extensively. I’ve tried some of the speech to text plug-ins for Chrome […]