Get Multiple Distances Using the Google Maps API and VBA for Excel or Access includes sample file

Automate Everything I hate manual processes. NOTE: If I get one more email from someone nagging me to finish that Quickbooks SDK Tutorial.. I’m going do it!!!  😉 Edit: 7/26/2017 – Okay.. I lied. I cannot get to it per se… but I am posting some code to help with QuickBooks integration from time to […]

Programatically retrieving data from a website into a database

Summary: Our client wanted to extract data from a web portal. We wrote a VBA script to the requested information and store it in an Access database. The example below demonstrates the same technology, but the data is stored in Excel. Edit: 7/23/2017 – An improvement on this solution. Edit: 9/9/2016 – I posted a download […]

Google adds voice to text to Google Docs

Google Drive/Docs = Amazing! First, let me say it again. If you are NOT using Google Drive/Google Docs, you need to start immediately! A few weeks ago I demonstrated how you can use your Android voice-to-text to dictate into a Google Document. That’s great technology for note-taking and even longer documents. Now Google has introduced […]

Video: Is LinkedIn an Effective Social Network

In this short (2:55) video clip, Pulse founder, Matt Moran, answers a question about LinkedIn as a social platform and provides some insight on how to use that network, and others, for true engagement. Also, a little about the “Like my page and I’ll like yours” phenomenon. Using LinkedIn More Effectively Some tips and the clip […]

Using Smartsheet as Your Social Media Content Calendar

We use Google Calendar and shared documents and folders on Google Drive to help manage our content and that of our clients. But, one of the most interesting and powerful tools we’ve put into place as a Content Calendar, is Smartsheet. We’ve tested many content calendars – basic spreadsheets to collaborative systems. In doing so, we realized […]

Share the Correct Blog Image on Facebook from WordPress

If  you use WordPress  and share your content on Facebook, this should interest you. This blog entry will teach you how to ensure the right image, title, and description shows up when your blog or webpage is shared on Facebook. We’ll be covering: Optimal image size How/where to create your image for free How to […]

Using Social Media to Win Donors, Customers, and Fans – workshop video

Last week I had the pleasure of giving a workshop at the Ventura County Community Foundation in beautiful Camarillo, CA. My topic: Using Social Media to Win Donors, Customers, and Fans. Below is the complete video of that presentation. The slidedeck is below that as a downloadable PDF and in-page slideshow. We are working to create […]

Skitch – a utility for creating simple how to graphics

The image above was created using Skitch – a graphic utility from Evernote. It allows you to quickly annotate and embed images into documents, email, or upload to your social media. There is also a mobile Skitch application. I took this photo of my dog, Beaux, and quickly annotated it with Skitch on my Android. Yes, […]

3 ways to create social media content that you are already doing

How do we get new ideas for content? This question comes up a LOT! Seriously, it is one of the most common questions I get from clients and others. We know that great content is social media’s secret sauce.. If you are “doing social” without great content – simply spouting advertising – you aren’t doing […]

Using Google Docs to Create a Document with Navigation

Google Docs provides a great way to create personal and team process documents with links to document sections. If done properly, the document is nearly self-maintainable, allowing you and your team to rapidly add sections and have that reflected in the navigation. I’ve created the video below and this associated example Google document. Below the […]